Top Five Job Searching Tips for HVAC Professionals

The HVAC industry is a very big and diverse one. It encompasses so many areas, from heating, cooling and AC, that everyone, all around the world needs such equipment. So there's no wonder why HVAC professionals, whether it's engineers which conceive the systems, technicians who maintain them, or marketing personal who sell and support them, there's a lot of people working in the industry. But with the economic slowdown, it may be that you could use some help finding a job. Here's the top five job searching tips for HVAC professionals: 

First, you need a great resume. No longer can you just call up a company and get hired right away. With the amount of unemployment out there, businesses need people who are trained, experienced, and can prove it. The best way to do that is first making sure your training is up to date, and your experience is relevant. Get rid of anything that's not relevant and make sure your resume looks professional. A good tip here is to look at other people in your area of work, look at what their resume look like and try to get inspiration from them.

Another tip is to get to know people by networking. Online networking is fairly easy to do. Join LinkedIn, as any professional should, and search for HVAC groups. You can easily find other people working in the same domain, and get in contact with them. Same thing with the other popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook, although LinkedIn is often more useful because it focuses on work more. But online networking is not enough, and you should be prepared to network offline as well. Go meet fellow students from past training courses, or people you've worked with.

While you're out, you should also make sure you join industry groups and go to trade shows. Industry groups, or trade associations, can provide a lot of benefits. Not only can they help you get into trade shows, where you can network with more people, but they can give you tips for getting a job as well. Their whole existence is to help people in the HVAC profession, so they are there to help.

If you can't get a job from an actual business, why not start freelancing? A lot of the jobs in the HVAC industry are done by a single person, whether on the road or on the terrain. Maybe you're a technician that's used with repairing a certain type of commercial equipment, then you can look for companies with that equipment, and see if they already have a maintenance contract. If not, it's likely that they didn't want to pay the amount needed, so you can often give them the same benefit for much a cheaper price.

Finally, you could try specializing in a particular domain. Green technology is very popular nowadays, so if you can show potential employers or clients that you can not only install equipment, but do so in a way that will make them compliant with the toughest environmental rules, then that's a plus for them. You should always find what gives you the edge over your competitor, and go for that job.

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