How to Prepare for Your Interview

Preparing for a job interview is serious business. You may be the ideal candidate for a particular position, but it really would not matter unless you are able to impress the interviewers first. They are going to look at your knowledge about the company and products, question you on your previous jobs, education and experience, but most importantly, they are going to pay a great deal of attention to your appearance and attitude.

Presentation does not mean just choosing the right clothes. It starts with getting to know the organization, studying the job announcement in detail, and preparing answers to possible questions about the job, the company and the industry. Make sure you are familiar with the way to the venue beforehand, or else you will be wasting precious time on the day of the interview. Finally, dress formally and look professional. Pay attention to your accessories too and do not carry or wear anything flashy.

Body Language
Be on your best behavior right from the minute you are on the premises. Switch your cell phone off, be polite and relax. No chewing gum, flirting, gossiping, smoking or cracking jokes please! When you are called inside the interview room, enter with confidence and wear a smile. Maintain eye contact but do not make the interviewers uncomfortable. Also maintain good posture, be attentive, listen carefully and answer politely. Once you are informed that the interview is over, thank everyone present in the room before leaving.

Question and Answer
There are a few standard questions that are asked at most interviews, so have your answers ready beforehand. The most common questions are “could you tell us about yourself?”, “why do you feel you are right for this position?”, “what do you know about our organization?”, and finally, “what is your current salary and what are your remuneration expectations from this company?’. When talking about yourself, make it as relevant to the job as possible, so that the interviewers are able to clearly understand how your experience and skills can be useful for them. The research you have done earlier will help you answer the question on what the organization does and how you see yourself fitting in. Questions on current salary must always be answered truthfully.

Never talk ill of your previous employers. Arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time. Late arrival will dim your chances of success even before the interview begins. Be courteous and avoid using slang. The way you speak with your buddies over drinks is completely unacceptable while at a job interview. Displaying a lack of enthusiasm for the company or the position, inability to clearly express career goals, cynicism, negative attitude and poor communication skills are undesirable too.

Carry a notepad and pen, in case you have to jot down something during the interview. Asking your interviewers for pen and paper is a big no-no. A copy of your resume, Social Security card, an ID card like your driving license, copies of your educational and employment certificates, and references should also be available with you during the interview. Once the interview is over, send out thank you letters to the interviewers, thanking them for their time.

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