Find HVAC Jobs near you with Google Maps (VIDEO)

So, here's a common problem with most job searches. You want to search for a new job BUT you don't want to drive hours every day just get to a new employer. In this video I will show you how you can use Google Maps to find HVAC employers near you.

Video Transcription

Step 1: Search for employers using specific HVAC keywords

In the first step we want to search for employers using specific HVAC keywords. Now the purpose of this exercise is to find HVAC employers that are within a geographic radius of our home. For example if we only want to drive 30 minutes from our home to work every day, we can investigate those companies that are within that radius.

To begin open the Google Maps website page ( and start typing in keywords that make sense for our job search goals. For example, if we are looking for jobs for HVAC technicians maybe we search with the term heating and air companies, HVAC contractors or HVAC companies. If we specialize in HVAC Engineering or Refrigeration we can search for companies using the those terms.

After you find companies that interest you I would recommend that you bookmark their website pages. This way we can come back later and do additional research on each individual company.

Step 2: Research on LinkedIn

In step 2 we want to login to LinkedIn and search for the HVAC companies that we bookmarked.

If you are not a member of LinkedIn create a profile today. It's free to join and it's the top b2b social networking website. After you are logged in go to the search bar at the top of the page and paste the name of the company here.

Then when the company information comes up we can do additional research on that company.  We can look for names management or human resource executives. Plus, often companies will post opportunites on their jobs company page.

Step 3: Connect with HVAC Employers

In step 3 we want to connect with those targeted employers. If we find job openings that we like, we can apply by creating a customized cover letter using all of the information we learned about their company through their website and LinkedIn page. If there are no jobs posted on LinkedIn or on their website, I would recommend that you click on the Follow button. By following a company in LinkedIn you can get updates when new jobs are posted on their company page.