Cover Letter Writing Tips for HVAC Jobs

As a HVAC technician or mechanic looking for a job change, you must pay particular attention to the cover letter that you send out to prospective employers. Your resume may be a work of art, but it is your cover letter that the hiring manager will see first, and it must have something that specifically relates to the needs of his organization.

So how do you go about writing the perfect cover letter? First, make your opening line as interesting and as relevant as possible. Attention spans are getting shorter by the minute, so you need to give the hiring manager a reason to consider your application right from the start.

Consider opening with the organization’s requirements instead of your skills. For example, a regular cover letter that will place you among hundreds other applicants will start with “I have five years of work experience in the HVAC industry, and am interested in the position advertised by your organization”. On the other hand, a cover letter that will immediately grab attention will start with, “Your job description asks for someone who comes with experience in handling large commercial projects, which has been my area of expertise over the last five years”. Notice how you are telling the recruiter that you match his requirement, as well as have the desired experience to back your candidature. Make sure your language is positive, confident and that your cover letter “talks” to the reader.

Sample cover letter for applying for a HVAC technician job:

Company Name
Company Address

Dear Mr. /Ms. (last name),

With regard to the position of HVAC Technician you are looking to fill in your organization, I am confident that my education, skills and hands-on experience in the HVAC industry are in sync with your requirements.

I understand that you are looking for a qualified HVAC professional with strong interpersonal skills and the ability to successfully handle projects in a fast-paced environment, and you will find from my resume that I have demonstrated all of the above qualities in my past and current position. I also strongly feel that your company’s vision matches my personal career goals. I look forward to meeting with you for a personal discussion sometime soon.

Thank you for your consideration.
(Your name)

For Entry Level HVAC Professionals or Installers: You need to be aware of what the prospective employer is looking for, and then prepare your cover letter accordingly. The key is maintaining that fine balance between presenting your skills effectively and not appearing pushy or vague.

Start your letter by pointing out that your skills and the job opening are a good match. Next, list your skills with clarity. As someone just out of HVAC School, prospective employers do not expect you to come with experience, but they will pay attention to such details as your achievements and accomplishments, so list them out in detail.

Another key factor that will set your cover letter apart from the hundreds of others is your enthusiasm. Feel free to express your passion for the industry, and clearly outline how you look forward to contributing to the organization. Employers will always be attracted to someone with a vision than just another wishy-washy candidate.

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